The “Go Deeper for Love” Package

The “Go Deeper for Love”
4-Week Private Coaching Package



Your Complimentary and Relaxed Talk with Julie-Anne


All programs begin with a relaxed and loving complimentary talk with Julie-Anne so that you can become acquainted, feel at ease, get a feel for Julie-Anne’s coaching style, ask your questions, discuss cost and payment options and generally feel comfortable should you decide to move forward. During this time we  determine your specific needs and desires so that the program can be fully customized for you.



The sessions can be taken conveniently via phone, Skype or in-person, depending on where you live





During this fully customized program we go deeper to uncover the hidden blocks and beliefs holding you back from the love you desire and deserve. Together we work to transform the old patterns with action steps to give you a tangible new experience of life, love and the relationship you dream of.


5 x 70 min fully customized coaching sessions  (includes 1 follow-up session to check in on progress/answer your questions after the program)

Downloadable 4-step program

Full email support for the program’s duration


Your investment to love: $997 (Keep scrolling for an in-depth program description)





In depth description: 


5 X 70 minute Private Coaching Sessions with Julie-Anne (includes one follow-up after the program)


julieanneheadshot2During these sessions we work together to discover and address your specific patterns and challenges. Julie-Anne helps you to unravel the mystery of how these patterns have been occurring and guides you on how to transform them. Every session is full of new insights, clarity and transformation to move you forward to love.


During each session we agree together on specific actions you can apply in the real world so that you actually start having a new experience of life and love. The transformation goes into your cells as you start seeing results. Julie-Anne gives you the tools, resources and practices as well as her vast experience (both from her own journey to love and from working with thousands of clients and what worked for them) to completely change your experience and start attracting a partner who can’t wait to have a loving, committed relationship with you.



Unlimited Email Coaching and Support with Julie-Anne


As you are going through the program you can email Julie-Anne with questions and for support with challenges as they come up. You can also send your insights and celebrations! Julie-Anne will answer your questions, and provide suggestions/feedback to help you to meet your challenges. She’ll also celebrate your achievements with you – always standing with you and for you every step of the way.


Downloadable Material 


Each coaching session is accompanied by a set of easy to manage, step-by-step Guided Practices and Reflection questions in the form of audio recordings and workbooks.  These are designed to support you in truly engaging and implementing the learning as well as keeping on track and focused on your desired outcome – magnetizing the Love and Relationship of your dreams!


Session 1: Create Your Awe-Inspiring Vision of Love

idyllic heart-shaped island in the Caribbean with a luxury yacht anchored close by - perfect honeymoon destination


In this first session you will enter into a commitment and resolve to create the relationship of your dreams. You’ll develop the mindset for your soul mate success.

You’ll create your own unique vision of love and relationship, one that is inspiring, lights you up and makes you feel alive.

You’ll discover how to be pulled forward by your vision and the tools to start manifesting it right away, plus you’ll stop hoping, dreaming and wishing for love and will instead craft a juicy intention for love and begin drawing love towards you, everywhere you go.


Session 2: Heal the Past and Step Into Your Freedom


In this next session you will learn how to identify and release your particular blocks and obstacles to love.

You’ll uncover the beliefs that have held you back and unravel the mystery of your relationship pattern.

You will let go of the past, including past loves, and take back your power to move forward into the love you desire and deserve.

You will move beyond your past limitations and pain and be ready and open to receive your beloved.


Session 3: Send Out Your Love Signal


In this session you’ll start to actually take steps towards your vision of love and relationship.

Step by step, you’ll begin making yourself available for love and explore the various ways of meeting a potential mate.

You’ll learn how to create an irresistibly magnetic online dating profile, one that is truly in line with your vision and one that repels the wrong people and attracts only people who are a good fit and in alignment with your vision.

You’ll discover the specific and most important questions to ask on a date and how to remain magnetic while dating and in the first stages of a new relationship.

You’ll learn the two essential keys to look for when navigating the dating world.


Session 4: Hold the High Watch for the Love of Your Life


In this final session you will identify your next steps to love.

You’ll learn how to listen to your internal guidance and will master the 5-step practice to keeping on track to your vision.

You’ll discover the secrets to overcoming disillusionment or disappointment and staying inspired, open, receptive with the certainty that love is coming your way.


Plus one follow-up session after the program to check on how you’re doing and answer any questions you have.