How to Magnetize the Love of Your Life: 8 Steps to Your Beloved’s Arms


This is an 8 step fully downloadable online audio course

This is a very comprehensive downloadable program that takes you on a step-by-step journey to love.  It covers a wide range of topics – everything from opening up and setting your intension for love and healing past pain and patterns, to becoming your best, irresistible and radiant self , navigating dating and the exact steps to determining and attracting your ideal match.

Benefits to you:

  • Open up to new possibilities in love you haven’t yet imagined
  • Start attracting ONLY available, committed, respectful partners
  • Leave behind your disappointing, painful experiences forever
  • Transform the hidden beliefs and patterns that have held you back
  • Learn everything you need to know about dating and determining your ideal match
  • Wake up every morning in the safe, warm arms of the person who totally adores you

Here’s What You Receive:

Downloadable Audio Recordings:

During these audios I guide you through life transforming processes and exercises.  I also give my own insights, perspectives and share with you my journey and the tips, tools and practices that worked for me and will work for you too.

Downloadable Workbooks:

These are to encourage your active engagement in the program.  They are full of transformational information, exercises, practices and reflections for you to follow along and actually implement what you are learning.  In this way you can track your progress and immediately start to see results.


Your Bonus:

A Recorded Q&A Session by the world’s top Love Experts  

Over two hours of 7 of the world’s top love and relationship experts: Susie and Otto Collins, Lara and Johnny Fernandez, Cheri Valentine, Cherry Norris and myself, answering your burning love and relationship questions

These are experts who have not only magnetized their own love but have helped thousands of others to do the same.  This audio is packed with the tips, tools, practices and resources to help you draw towards you the partner of your dreams.

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s in store for you:


Step 1: Open Up and Get Ready to Receive Your Beloved

This first step is all about opening up to new possibilities you haven’t yet imagined!  You’ll make a radical new commitment to yourself to become your best self to attract your best love.


  • Create your inspiring and compelling vision of love
  • Set your Intentional Mission for love (rather than waiting, dreaming and hoping for love to come along)
  • Throw away the fantasies and fairytales and create your own love-story


8steps-step2Step 2: Heal the Trauma and Pain of the Past

Here you will identify and transform the old patterns that have been holding you back and learn how let them go once and for all.  You’ll clear away and heal old painful experiences and let go of ex-loves.


• Discover how to heal the old pain and trauma left by past experiences and become truly free

• Learn how to let go of past-loves and move forward with peace and joy

  • Learn how to ONLY have healthy, supportive and respectful relationships in your life

Step 3:  Change Your Patterns and Beliefs and Awaken to Your Actual Truth

In this step you’ll discover the unseen or unconscious beliefs and patterns you may not have known you had.  You’ll leave behind the story of the past and create a new empowered story.  You’ll start to own your own value and the truth and beauty of who you are.


• Bring to light the unconscious patterns and beliefs that have been blocking love and transform them from the inside out

• Unravel the mystery of why you keep having the same experience in love time and time again

  • Discover what’s actually true about you and know it in your cells – that you are a beautiful, radiant women, deeply worthy of love

8steps-step4Step 4: Shine Up Your Radiant Light and Become Irresistibly Magnetic

In this step you will make shift from passively waiting for love to come along to using your radiance to draw love towards you!  You’ll discover the keys to becoming magnetic and your most radiant, feminine and authentic self – hugely attractive to a partner!

• Discover the dynamic, juicy and magnetic quality of radiance and exactly how to have it!

• Find out how to shine from the inside out to attract the partner you want

• Turn on your radiant love light and become irresistibly magnetic

• Develop a new relationship with your body and start seeing yourself in the way your beloved will – absolutely stunning!

Step 5:  BE the Person You Would Like to Be With

In this step you’ll learn the difference between going out to endlessly search for love and instead, drawing love towards you like a magnet!


• Discover the difference between BE-ing love and going out to “get” or search for love

• Find out how to be present, available, open and receptive to the love of your life

• Discover how to set and maintain healthy boundaries while still being love

• Learn how to graciously receive and how to give from your overflow

Step 6:  Start Living Your Vision of Love Right Now

In this step you will discover the power, excitement and joy  of creating and living your  very best life as you get in touch with your vision, values, passions and purpose.

• Try on your “future of love” coat and watch in amazement at how life unfolds

• Discover your values, vision and passions to draw towards you a partner who is aligned with your life and everything you want

• Stop waiting for your beloved to show up before living your best life – start living it right now so that they quickly and easily recognize you

Step 7:  Send Out Your Love Signal

In this step you’ll learn everything you need to know about dating and navigating a new relationship – the questions to ask and how to determine whether someone is a good match for you and setting up a safe dynamic and what to have in place before having sex.

• Learn how to begin to navigate the dating world from being the new you!

• Find out how to be with the uncertainty and vulnerability before a commitment has been made

• Find out how to remain irresistibly magnetic throughout the dating process and beyond!

• Discover the power of vulnerability and how to use it to build intimacy and connection

  • Write an irresistible online dating profile

Step 8: Embody, Integrate and Celebrate Your Journey to Your Beloved’s Arms

In this final step you will have the opportunity to fully take in all that you have learned. We will come together to totally celebrate you!

• Integrate all of your learning and take it into your cells!

 • Celebrate your journey

• Discover how to stay in unflinching possibility and knowing that your beloved is on the way!

• Set up support structures to stay focused and on track to love

Say “YES” to Love RIGHT NOW!

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