Conscious Partings

Releasing the Beloved

This program is for women who are in a relationship and are in the process of a break-up, are considering breaking up or have already broken up and are still feeling pain and finding it difficult to move on.

The ending of a a relationship can be excruciatingly painful and challenging.  There are so many raw emotions involved from hatred, resentment, rage, resentment and betrayal to deep feelings of loss, grief and the love you still feel for someone.  The sheer magnitude and complexity of the feelings can be overwhelming and confusing.  For example, it can be highly confusing to feel hatred yet love at the same time.

Grief has many stages and is not a linear process, meaning that we may have several contrasting emotions within a short period of time or feel okay one minute and in complete devastation the next.

Much of our grief can also come from past woundings in previous relationships or childhood that have not been resolved and healed.  Break-ups can cause these original wounds to explode and be expose the unresolved trauma.  Break-ups provide us with the opportunity to lovingly heal these traumatized parts of ourselves and learn all we can from the experience so that we can up-level our consciousness and move into greater health, wellbeing and true thriving in our next relationship.

  • Discover how to self-soothe and keep your heart open
  • Navigating and healing grief and its many stages
  • Work through the painful feelings with compassion for yourself
  • Release the relationship in a way that heals; without blame, attack or revenge
  • Keep the love, release the relationship
  • Understanding whether it is possible/wise to keep in contact or stay friends
  • Use the experience to free yourself from unresolved trauma and unconscious patterns
  • Gain all of the learning from the experience to up-level and thrive
  • Take on a new consciousness that attracts only healthy relationships going forward

With love, compassion, experience, empathy, wisdom and loving guidance, I hold your hand as you navigate this painful time.

Feel free to contact me to have an informal chat in the first instance to discuss your needs and how I may best support you.  Sessions will be tailored to your individual needs and can take place in-person or via phone or Skype.