Meet Julie-Anne Shapiro

Meet Julie-Anne Shapiro

British born Julie-Anne Shapiro is an International traveling Love and Relationship Coach, Speaker, Singer and Founder of Magnetizing Love. Through her global workshops and events,  private coaching and homestudy programs she has helped thousands of women around the world to attract and keep an extraordinary relationship with the love of their lives. Julie-Anne regularly teaches at wellbeing festivals around the globe as well as leading her own events and having an international private coaching practice.  Her teaching travels have taken her to the UK, USA, India, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Malaysia as well as much of of Europe and she is always open to and exploring new countries to share the love!   A talented singer and songwriter, Julie-Anne also regularly sings at the international festivals at which she teaches and often brings singing into her work.  She also teaches singing both individually and at group workshops and events.  She loves to share and show people the joy of singing!

After years of her own struggles in relationships, Julie-Anne intuitively felt that the pain of this was leading her somewhere and that one day she would teach people about relationships. She left the UK in 2007 and headed for the USA to embark on her own healing journey, also training as a love and relationship expert herself (read Julie-Anne’s story below).

Julie-Anne used the principles she teaches to attract her husband at the age of 41. Her inspiring personal story and warm, engaging style never fail to leave her audiences wanting more.

Leading with her unique blend of compassion, radiance, embodied magnetism and manifesting mojo as well as her extensive knowledge and expertize, Julie-Anne provides women with real world, actionable content and works from the inside out to give her clients an experience of embodied, lasting transformation for not just a relationship but an extraordinary relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Julie-Anne has extensively travelled the world and has trained with a vast variety of teachers and mentors in the fields of relationships, transformation, non-violent communication, spirituality, holistic healing, breathwork and bodywork.

She has appeared as a guest speaker on numerous online events and radio shows including the BBC.  She has also featured in countless national and international print outlets including the Huffington Post (for which she writes regularly), The Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Express and many others. Julie-Anne has shared the stage with some of the world’s top international relationship experts such as Arielle Ford, Dr. Pat Allen and Stephen and Ondrea Levine. She was also host to the wildly popular speaker series: “How to Magnetize the Love of Your Life: 8 Steps to Your Beloved’s Arms,” during which she interviewed 40 experts and presented her own talks. The series reached thousands of people all over the world.

A spontaneous, adventurous and “gutsy” character, a few years ago Julie-Anne gave everything up to fulfill her dream of seeing the world and went backpacking for several years. She managed to visit each continent and around 90 countries! It was while she was traveling that Julie-Anne discovered her passion for skydiving and went on to gain her international skydiving license.

Her very favorite things include singing, hugs, flying, travelling, mornings running along the ocean and all things about love!

Julie-Anne now lives with her husband Gary in Los Angeles, California.

She is passionate about helping as many women as possible to have not just a relationship, but an extraordinary relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Julie-Anne’s Story


Pretty, petite and going on forty years old, Julie-Anne had work she loved, wonderful friends and fantastic health, one thing was missing – love. Years of struggle, heartbreak and disappointments in relationships added to endless searching and personal growth work had left her confused and disillusioned. Yet throughout her pain, Julie-Anne intuitively felt that it was leading her somewhere and that one day she would teach women about love and relationships, although she had no idea how that would happen.

During an “epiphany” moment in the middle of the night in her native England, Julie-Anne committed to doing whatever it takes to experience the loving, fulfilling relationship for which she craved. Giving up her life, home and work in the UK and risking everything for love, her healing journey took her to America where she worked with love-mentors and lived and breathed the principles she now teaches. She became a love-coach herself and began developing her own work. In April 2009 she set a radical intention to meet her husband by the end of the year with not a hint of love on the horizon!

Facing many severe challenges and setbacks along the way and with her money and visa fast running out, Julie-Anne did not give up. She met her husband Gary in Los Angeles on December 23rd 2009 – just eight days before her intended deadline! Meanwhile Gary had been having dreams about meeting someone from another country and shortly before they met had a strong intuitive feeling he needed to reconnect with the person who introducted them! (which he did).

They married within six months and now have the extraordinary relationship she always wanted. Her journey became her passion and now she helps women all over the world to attract and keep an extraordinary relationship with the love of their lives.