Meet Gary Shapiro

Gary ShapiroDr. Gary Shapiro facilitates the Magnetizing Love healing sessions that are an optional but highly recommended element of our one-on-one coaching programs. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as huge compassion, love and support.

Gary’s background includes the mainstream healing arts, alternative therapies as well as a deep and rich spiritual training and practice.

He graduated Chiropractic College in 1986. He has studied with a wide variety of doctors, teachers, healers and mentors and has advanced training in nutritional therapy, energetic healing techniques as well as somatic (body-centered) psychology with an emphasis on shock and trauma.

As a chiropractor, Gary became part of one of the largest healing arts centers in southern California. He was one of the more sought after people in the community for people with chronic pain, serious injuries and very challenging musculoskeletal conditions. His ability to help these people came not only from his skills, but also from what has been called a “shamanistic” ability to look inside and see not only the physical, but also the emotional and energetic wounds.

At the age of 34, Gary began to experience a deep and profound inner calling. This was the beginning of an extraordinary journey of transformational healing and self-discovery in which he experienced deep emotional and spiritual healing as well as what may be described as an initiation to the deeper realms of healing and spiritual service.

This process left Gary not only with huge empathy for others, but also with the ability to channel healing into their deepest emotional and spiritual wounds and traumas. A healing for the body, mind, heart and soul! He has since gone on to work with hundreds of people and seen incredible results with how they have healed and transformed their lives.

Gary is known as a happy, joyful character who “makes his own fun”! Gary is committed to a daily Buddhist practice. He enjoys world music, jogging on the beach, making English Breakfast Tea for his lovely English wife and is a huge fan of “The Lakers” basketball team. He is happiest when he’s eating chocolate, watching basketball and holding his wife all at the same time!

He lives with his wife Julie-Anne in Los Angeles, California.

A note from Gary Shapiro on Magnetizing Love

It gives me so much joy to be able to reach out and serve people to heal. It’s amazing to be living my purpose and using the gifts and capacities that have come from my own healing journey.

I would like to say a little about my experience of meeting a woman who had gone through the Magnetizing Love process:

I had been living my life with deep faith and surrender, also knowing what I wanted when that special woman came along.

There I was sitting on my sofa, looking at the birds outside my window, when Julie-Anne knocked on my door.

She was a woman who carried such radiance. There was an alignment of her heart, mind and energy. It was clear to me who she was, what she stood for and what she held inside her. There were no mixed messages. I realized that this was all deeply aligned with who I am and everything I wanted. This experience blew me away and was extremely attractive and magnetic to me. Our love, relationship and connection is more than I could ever have dreamed.

I have since learned about the process that she went through to become the magnetic, radiant woman she is. I would thoroughly recommend the “Magnetizing Love” process to anyone who is looking to draw towards them the love and relationship of their dreams.